10 / 8 /16 Ron from New York and I met at the kayak fishing and outdoor show after our Kayak Fishing the NJ Coast presentation Ron had attended,  he full of questions and I was ready to answer , he wanted to fish on the first weekend in May in the Wild Wood area as  his family had a place there already , but , he wanted a lesson and a tour of the fish holding waters . So we came up with a date before his business started to get crazy , sad to say our whole weekend got blown out by a big and bad coastal storm that brought in extreme high tides and made it to dangerous to go out.  Months later after the summer had come and gone we hooked up and made a special night & day booking . We met at The kayak Fishing Store at 11 pm. and made our way for some night-time kayak fishing . Ron did great and listened to everything i suggested as we went from light to light in search of a striped bass for Ron and he got just that , his first kayak caught Striper.

Looking for some night time action.
And Ron got it .

A  little sleep was needed after our night hunt , a few hours later we were back out in the morning.

Ron getting his forward stroke down nicely .
Another sub schooly for Ron
The release
Happy and tired Ron . thanks for fishing with us .
Fish with us Catcha a smile.


October came through .

10/29/016        The fall came on slow with warm water temps lasting longer than normal . I received a call from Dave who was coming to town from Orlando Fla. on business and wanted to take his friend George on a  kayak fishing trip , we had a one day window and it turned out great . Dave was a very good angler and brought his own custom made rods , I rigged him up with a DOA Cal in root beer on a 1/4 oz jig head , he was used to pedal power so he useed the Slayer 13 propel . George was just happy to be out with his friend and paddled  a loaner from the Kayak fishing store my buddy Chris.  George was  big at 6’6, I wanted him to be comfortable ,  he hung in there and enjoyed himself , with their witty sense of humor these   boys were a blast to have out on a charter , Thanks for fishing with us.

The sun brought warmth to a chilly fall morning.
Dave and a nice schooly bass.
Dave got a few .
These two were a trip.


2017 Fly Fishing Show .

The 2017 Fly fishing show

lefty and me talking fishing and camera’s
The Fly Fishing Show was packed for three days in a row as people came from all over to see new rods and reels from the different manufactures that displayed all their latest fly tackle . I worked with Temple Fork Outfitters once again and had a blast , we have a true All Starr team .I also did two presentations one on Friday and one Sunday in the Hotel’s media room , the show was called ” kayak fishing the New jersey Coast “.
and Approx 25 people came on Friday with a lot of question asked and energy filled the room . Three days of trade show can put a hurting on your voice and feet , that’s for sure , but , the fun of it all makes it worth every minute when you see old friends with smiles on their face .
My Amigo Raul from Mexico owner of Tarpon Town .