The bay warms up and so do the Bass

Sunday June 4, 2017    The bay warms up and so do the bass                                                                                                                                                                                 Our new client Vitaly called us and expressed his desire to learn saltwater fishing from his new Hobie , so , we did just that , launching at first light with a out going tide and  light winds from the west made for a perfect morning . It didn’t take long before we found some Bass that wanted to play .

Early morning hook up

A fat 25 ” schooly hit a DOA CAL like a fright train and the TFO inshore med light rod whooped him quick . This was to be one of 7 for the day .

A spunky 20 ‘bluefish went home for tocos .

We had a great time and the mission was accomplished , fish slime

was on Vitaly’s  new boat , thanks fish gods.

( fish with us , catch a smile  : )