Will took home some fish for the Green Egg.
Will took home some fish for the Green Egg.

I first met Ricky Wolbert of Broken Rod Kayak Fishing Charters at a kayak paddle show promoting his guiding services back in 2013. I was new to the sport and eager to learn but didn’t know where to start. Ricky had everything covered from providing all equipment required for kayak fishing to teaching the importance of safety while in the water. I most recently brought a friend who didn’t have any experience with fishing nor kayaking and by the end of the trip we have added a new fan to the sport. I recommend anyone curious or wanting to get into the sport to try Broken Rod Kayak Fishing Charters they will take care of you.

Loyal Client
Will Montanez


Truxx and bass
Bass caught on a DOA Jig & Paddle Tail

Having known Ricky for 5 years I can tell you he knows his stuff. As a fellow kayak angler I will vouch for Ricky anytime. He is excellent at finding striped bass and flounder on just about any fishing trip.

A word of advice. Listen to him you will learn a lot about the sport of kayak angling and even catch fish! He not only will tell you how to fish but will teach you his top secret techniques for catching fish. He is skilled in Fly Fishing, Spinning, and Conventional gear. Fishing with Ricky has always been enjoyable for me. I do recommend you book him for a kayak fishing trip in 2016!

Founder of The Plastic Hull and Jackson Kayak Fishing Team

Matt Trucks

Specializing in the Introdution to Kayak Fishing